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Oct 20, 2020 at 04:52 PM

Connecting from SCP workflow to SAP PI(On-premise) via cloud connector



I am trying to connect SCP workflow to a REST service on SAP PI(on-premise) via cloud connector but keep getting 403 forbidden error.

Have installed a docker system on local desktop which hosts the cloud connector. While testing the REST service from POSTMAN on local desktop it works just fine but while trying to initiate an instance from SCP trial account via cloud connector(again installed on local system based docker system) it fails.

Here's the destination configuration on trial tenant. Used virtual host:port defined in cloud connector for URL:

Here's the cloud connector setting to On-premise PI system, Resource is maintained as '/' :

Am I missing something under additional properties for Destination definition? I referred this link to see the possible parameters but it has values for odata,abap and UI5 majorly. No mention of PI connectivity details.

While trying to invoke the connection this is the error I get :

With same credentials am able to reach the REST service via POSTMAN but here it gives 403 forbidden.

Appreciate any inputs with this?

Thanks in advance!!!


config.jpg (74.2 kB)
config.jpg (74.2 kB)
cc.jpg (51.9 kB)
capture.jpg (55.0 kB)