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Oct 20, 2020 at 04:01 PM

Calendar widget broken in Personas 3 in NWBC and IE but not Chrome


We have recently upgraded a Personas system to the most recent possible. During test thing users have noticed that when they select a date and press the selection button then calendar isn't correctly formatted, this even applies in Personas if you select the original flavor. The problem is visible in the IE/Edge and browser sessions based on IE, e.g. NWBC 5.x and 6.x. If the same page is viewed in Google Chrome then the calendar widget behaves exactly as you want.

However if you look at a transaction with plain ITS and no Personas enabled, and pick a data field then the calendar displays correctly. The bug appears to be that the calendar widget on ITS is fine with IE or Chrome, but as soon as Personas is enabled, then Chrome is fine but IE goes funny. As you can see the year is truncated and the user can't select it from the drop down properly.

Of course the users and testers are using a mix of ages of NWBC, IE and Chrome, but the problem is always that the calendar is odd in IE and anything bases on it with Personas on, but not when viewing a plain ITS page. And Chrome is always fine...!


calendar.png (11.5 kB)