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Oct 20, 2020 at 09:27 AM

BPC Plan ADSO Option: DataMart ADSO vs Standard ADO in BW/4HANA2.0

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System: BPC 11.1 Embedded on BW/4HANA 2.0

Like to understand more on the below 2 options


Found in couple of blogs that the 'DataMart ADSO' with 'Planning-Enabled' option is equivalent to 'Planning On InfoCube-like'
Reference Blog:
Also from the same blog, it says about the option "Standard ADSO with Write Change Log" option enabled which act as a Classic ADSO with Delta mechanism

Now, What would happen if for the same "Standard ADSO with Write Change Log" option, we enable 'Planning-Enabled' option too?
What would be the purpose of this option being available in the HANA system? In what scenarios, can we use it?


Based on the current understanding, Delta planning like we have in BPC10.1 Embedded can't be achieved with "DataMart ADSO with Planning Enabled", as there is no delta mechanism here

So, if we need to have a PLAN ADSO with Delta mechanism, what would be the right combination?


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