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Oct 20, 2020 at 05:34 AM

Preventive Maintenance MII



My goal is to create a automatic daily maintenance order that is sent to MII daily. I already created a daily maintenance order that is automatically created in SAP daily. I can view these maintenance orders in transaction code: IP24. I was told by my boss that there is a way to automatically send the maintenance orders to MII so the maintenance crew on the floor can do the daily maintenance and they can close it when the work is complete. My problem right now is the maintenance orders are not being sent to MII. In transaction IW39 which displays the preventive maintenance orders it shows the order numbers but the status it is saying RTBS (Ready to be sent to MII), I tried changing the status to SENT (Order sent to MII) but the orders are still not showing up in MII. Does anyone know how to send the orders to MII?

Thank you!