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Oct 17, 2020 at 04:32 PM

Alert Notification Service in CF Trial Account Not Working?


I have tried to set up alert notification in trial account so that the import event from Transport Service are sent to alert. The following step have been completed:

1. Alert Notification Service is activated, a service instance is created for "dev" space, and the service key is generated.

2. Destination "ALERT_NOTIFICATION_SERVICE" is created which used the service key created above.

3. Transport Node "DEV" is created and "Perform Notification" is check. Note, the "Perform Notification" box only became available after the above destination is created.

4. Now, I am trying to create Actions and Conditions in the administration screen of the instance (dev) of the Alert Notification Service. When I click "Actions"on the left hand menu, it only display a message saying "Unable to retrieve list of actions" without display the "Create Action" menu button. I am also getting the similar messages when trying to access "Conditions" and "Subscriptions".

I have also checked my authorization at subaccount level and space level and I have full authorizations at both levels.

Did I missed any steps?