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Oct 16, 2020 at 05:50 AM

SAP CAP CDS deploy - import CSV

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I'm deploying CDS with CSV file to HANA Cloud.

The table I want to populate in HANA DB already has some entries.

I'm getting this error when running deploy to HANA.

Error: The "include_filter" definitions match with 135 records that already exist in the "<table_name>" table [8251521] (STDOUT, APP/TASK/deploy)#
  "format_version": 1,
  "imports": [
      "target_table": "SAP_CAPIRE_BACKEND_ROLES",
      "source_data": {
        "data_type": "CSV",
        "file_name": "sap.capire.backend-Roles.csv",
        "has_header": true,
        "type_config": {
          "delimiter": ";"
      "import_settings": {
        "import_columns": [
        "include_filter": []
      "column_mappings": {
        "ID": "ID",
        "NAME": "NAME"

I can't find more details regarding this error.

I'm able to deploy CDS without CSV.

Does anyone have any idea about this error?