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Oct 15, 2020 at 08:39 PM

Creating a Constant Key Figure

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Hello community,

I have a requirement to report on user adoption for various regions globally and by sales channel (or user groups). The metric is unique weekly logins as a percentage of users. Additionally we would like to adjust the counted users by a percentage as an adjustment for vacations/holidays.


  1. New data source has been created which will provide all necessary data.
  2. Restricted key figures have been created based on the existing Counter key figure with the following restrictions: Counted User Indicator = True; Region (custom field) = (region input); User Group (custom field) = (user group input)
  3. To test the restricted key figure has been added to the Column Fields section of my report without any additional attributes.

The result is perfect until I add any type of selection criteria (eg Year Week (Logon Date) = Last 8 weeks). When this is introduced the count is completely wrong. My plan was to create a calculated key figure - Counter (which will change based on selection criteria) / Regional User Count by Channel (which I want to remain constant) to get my percentage.

My question

Is it possible to make your key figure constant so it is not impacted by your selection criteria or does anyone know a better approach to meet this requirement?

Thank you in advance for your help.