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Oct 21, 2020 at 10:37 AM

Milestone notification without notification of services(times) on previous operations possible?


Hello SAP Community,

we currently have the following problem in the area of milestone feedback:
We confirm our production orders using milestone confirmations of the last operation. The planned performance (times) according to the work plan are automatically confirmed for all operations. This is the SAP standard behavior and is also described in the SAP documentation on milestone confirmation.

Currently we are introducing a MES software and want to report times via the MES software in the future.
We have therefore removed the times from the milestone confirmation in user exit EXIT_SAPLCORF_101 / ZXCOFU11 (set to 0).
Unfortunately, this only leads to the fact that no times are reported on the milestone operation. However, the planned times are still automatically reported on all previous operations.
Does anyone have an idea how we can prevent the reporting of times/services in all operations? The aim would be to report quantities from SAP and times from MES. However, only one milestone notification of the last operation should still be made. Unfortunately, the individual confirmation of all operations is not a solution for operational reasons.

Many thanks for corresponding answers.

Best regards,