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Oct 15, 2020 at 09:25 PM

Mass change of price in sales order of different customers having different material / products


Hi all,

I tried searching out for my query in the community but could not find an exact solution to it. Hope somebody could help me out or direct me to a discussion over the topic held earlier.


How to change the price of all products/material of different customer at one go.


There are many sales orders open in the system which are created for a different customer for different products/material. Now recently there is price revision & it is required to update the price of all products/material for all customers in each sales order.

My query is: Is there any way to update prices of all customer, all products at one go in OPEN sales orders instead of manually updating prices through VA02>pricing condition> carry out new pricing in each sales order OR using VA05 in which, no doubt we can update prices in mass, but it can only update for single product and single customer.

Is there any other way?