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Oct 15, 2020 at 08:53 PM

Can EHSM WWI Server be installed on PC with SAP GUI?


Can EHSM WWI Server be installed on PC with SAP GUI?

I remember reading something that indicated EHSM WWI Server cannot be installed on PC with SAP GUI.

However, the SAP S/4HANA 1709 Best Practices for Chemicals EHS Basics (26V) Configuration Guide indicated [numbers and emphasis are mine]:

"You have the following options:

(1) Within SAP Best Practices activation you set up a WWI generation server on the local PC where you do the activation of the EHS buildings blocks and scope items. In customer implementation project the WWI generation server should be installed on an additional Windows server.

This is easier as you need no additional PC.

(2) You use a separate, dedicated PC for installation of the WWI generation server.

This action is the standard procedure used for productive systems.

For reasons of easiness we recommend installing the WWI generation server on the same PC that is used during the setup of the SAP Best Practices. Remember that this PC has to be up and running for the EHS report generation to work properly.

EHS report display capabilities are already included in normal SAPGUI installations so that frontend computers do not need a separate installation to display EHS reports.

The current WWI version (at the point of delivery version 3.2) and also patches for the WWI are delivered via the SAP Service Marketplace. Refer to SAP note 568302 for detailed instructions regarding download. Refer to SAP note 549858 for frontend MS Word configuration.

The WWI server requires a special license key. Without a license key the server can be installed in an evaluation mode that is restricted to run for 10 days only. For more information refer to Note 513330.

Note that the WWI installation might require Administrator rights on your PC (depending on Windows version)."

Also, I think that a license key is no longer required.

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