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Oct 15, 2020 at 11:38 AM

MEMBERSET I cannot use the attribute function.


Hi Community,

I am creating a model in order to calculate the Amortization of the investments of a company. I have created a Generic Dimension called Investments, and among the properties of each of the investments is the investment date and the date of completion of the amortization.

The process to calculate amortization is as follows:

1. The user adds a new member in the table within the story, and when adding the new member, the user must enter the investment date and end date of the investment.

2. The Data Action is launched, the user has to enter the amount of the investment. The data action directly calculates the amortization for each of the months.

The only problem that I find is that in a MEMBERSET I cannot use the attribute function. I was wondering if there is any possibility to use those properties like MEMBERSET [d / Date]

Thank you in advance,