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Oct 15, 2020 at 06:59 AM

Can you run HANA Express 2.0 without XSA?



We recently identified an Out of Memory (OOM) issue with our SAP HANA Express Edition. This was causing the server to crash frequently bringing HANA down along with it. Through OS monitoring we were able to identify XSA was the culprit (java OS processes - memory and CPU spiking).

We have since stopped XSA ("XSA disable" command), which has temporarily fixed the issue.

I believe the root cause of the OOM issue is a software bug in XSA that we need to patch our version of XSA to fix (SAP Note 2949526).

However in the meantime is it OK to run HANA 2.0 with XSA offline? I know that we will lose functionality like the XSA HANA DBA Cockpit, but is there any other critical XSA HANA functionality that we will lose that HANA requires to function as a database?

We do not use XSA for custom app development, it just came bundled with our version of HANA Express: (fa/hana2sp03), XSA: v1.0.101