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Oct 15, 2020 at 10:31 AM

Need a solution


Am having 2 Gl codes for 2 Gl Codes

1. A100023456- Bank charges

2. A100078901-Bank Charges For POS Transaction

We had done normal gl determination , warehouse wise

As of now when we do any type of incoming payment,in payment means Bank charges is hitting and JE posting to (1.A100023456- Bank charge ) commealy.

When any incoming payment is made for any POS transction we had a UDF in incoming payment document to make it as Transction Based on POS

But at the same time Bank Charges for such marked transaction(POS) should be hit automatically to (2.A100078901-Bank Charges For POS Transaction)

How can make this possible

Is it possible via SPT, if so can any provide me the SPT in SQL