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Oct 13, 2020 at 05:50 AM

SAFT issue

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Dear All,

urgently need help!

About many years we are using FIEU_SAFT and it works. However, now we receive the following request from our sales company - and don't know how to help them :-(

The accounting software must comply with the SAFT-T PT rules in place for Portugal. The publication of the "Decree-Law n.º 87/2018", of October 31st and the "Ordinance n.º 31/2019", from 2019 that states that is mandatory to deliver the accounting registers to the Portuguese Tax Authorities through the SAF-T (PT) file Submission, until April 30th 2020 (later postponed for 2021).

The structure of this file complies with a series of technical requirements (Ordinance n.º 302/2016 of December 2nd) which had a substantial impact on the way companies register their accounting transactions. In this context, the SAF-T (PT) file becomes the basis for completing the Company‚Äôs financial statements (Annex A and I of the IES / Annual Statement of Accounting and Fiscal Information).

Please note that failure to comply with the requirements of the SAF-T (PT) file would make it impossible to submit the IES and consequently the registration of the accounts which is serious offense punished with a fine. The system that will generate the accounting SAF-T (PT) will be the official system of the company, in this sense will have to, in addition to comply with the technological requirements required by law, in order to ensure that:

  • all movements use a PT GAAP basis of accounting indexed to a taxonomy, even if the Company use a different GAAP for accounting purposes ;
  • the nature of balances of the accounts comply with the law requirements i.e., have a nature of debtor, creditor or mixed;
  • suppliers and customers, in the case where billing and accounting systems are integrated, are identified with complete data (Tax Number; Name, Address, City, Postal Code, Country), with the exception of the customers "unidentified end consumer";
  • customers, in the case where the systems are not integrated, are identified with (Tax Number; Name, Country), with the exception of the customers "unidentified end consumer";
  • all movements have a "single key of movement" that must correspond to the accounting document to allow its identification;
  • the accounting records are updated in a maximum period of 90 days after the date of the operations.

I we run FIEU_SAFT in Extract Module "1" for the complete fiscal year 2019 we get error message FIEU_SAFT028 back an in table "fieud_invsummary" a new line for fiscal year 9999 is created.

What do we need to do????

Anybody out there with an advice?