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Oct 12, 2020 at 08:11 PM

SD RR Migration does not produce any RAIs


Hello All,

At present in my company we are prepping for S/4 Migration (brownfield) and as one of the pre projects, we are looking at converting from RR to RAR

We did the config suggested by SAP documentation and notes and while running the FARRIC_OL tcode, we are not seeing anything getting transferred. give some background, we are using RR category D (time based) pretty simple for VA41 contracts. The contracts can be multi year with quarterly or annual billing. So, Rev Rec entries in VBREVE get created on billing (not during VA41 / Contract creation).

So, lets say I have a contract number 1000, and we are in second year so there are 2 billing documents one for 2019 say Doc number 2019 and another one for 2020, say billing doc number 2020. for Doc 2019, all the 12 line items have been recongnized and life is good. for Doc 2020 only 9 line items are recognized and remaining 2 for Oct-Dec need to migrate to RAR

When we Run FARRIC_OL T.code for contract # 1000, system shows Doc # 2019 and says nothing needs to be done (which is correct) but doesn't show doc # 2020 at all.