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Oct 12, 2020 at 02:46 PM

Subcontracting Third party process


Looking at the hits I get when entering this description I am not sure if it's the correct description. Anyway,

I want to have the components of a assembly to be delivered directly from vendor to subcontractor, so the subcontractor can create the assembly.

Now I have setup the subcontractor mrp area for the components with MRP type PD, Lot size EX, MRP controller 001 and special procurement type 20.

The assembly material i don't have a subcontractor mrp area created. I do have the MRP type PD, Lot size EX and MRP controller 001 as well. Procurement type 'F' and speciaI procurement 30. I have a source list for the assembly material as well. I created a BOM with three components.

Now when I run MD02 for the assembly material nothing happens.

When i run MDBT for the components nothing happens.

I can't get the BOM to be exploded.

What should i do?