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Oct 12, 2020 at 10:33 AM

Default Requested Delivery Date Is Always Set Tomorrow


Hello all,

The default date of Req Deliv Date is suggested a day after current date even before I write Customer or Material in the blanks. I need the Req Deliv Date be the same as today, not today +1.

I have already checked tcode VOV8 with Sales Doc Type OR, confirming the Lead Time in Days is set to 0, as well as Propose Deliv Date is ticked.

I encountered the following question posted on forum, suggesting to check SPRO=>CRM, which I can't find in my system.

Note 1610461 was not helpful as I did not use CRM Web-UI.

Where can I find concerning Configurations to the date?

Thanks for your help beforehand.


va01.png (80.3 kB)
vov8.png (190.2 kB)