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Oct 10, 2020 at 03:57 AM

Issue related to checking rule in Sales order



We have a rush order process where delivery is created automatically once sales order is saved. The availability check maintained in material master is Z6 and when I create rush order (doc type SO) then Checking rule A is determined in the order.

Today when I created a new rush order for same material then I found that Checking Rule B is getting determined in the sales order scope of check because of which quantity is not getting confirmed as scope of check Z6 and B does not consider purchase orders which is considered in scope of check Z6 and A.

I know that checking rule is determined based on transaction so I am not able to understand for same transaction how come system is determining different checking rule A and B in different orders even though order type and material is same in both orders. There has been no recent changes done related to availability check config. Any pointers to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.