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Oct 09, 2020 at 10:54 AM

While executing query I only get material number (MATNR) for one item


Hello, I would really use an insight for this matter. I've create query (SQ01) joining tables KONV, EKKO and EKPO (I need a report of each condition in PO for every item of PO). Now when I execute query, for each row of the table, for a specific PO with more then one item, I get the same material number (MATNR) repeated for as many times as I have conditions ( even though these are conditions for the next item of PO). I hope I've managed to explain it to you.

For exp. PO has 5 items (different material numbers), and each item on a tab Condtion has 4 conditions - so for that PO in my report I have 20 rows, but all with same material number but values of condition are correct for each next item of PO).

What did I do wrong?