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Oct 14, 2020 at 08:30 PM

Archiving Error Messages in SAP PO - Messages failing in converter module


Hi All,

I have a FILE to IDOC scenario (async) in which the file channels picks a EDI file (EDIFACT) from the file system directory. I am using localejbs/EdifactConverterModule to convert the EDI to EDI XML,

The issue is when i get a erroneous/invalid file the module adapter fails with error : "MP: Exception caught with message cannot determine content type for message starting with header text : " : 20:AIE20139907"

and the file is not archived neither in the archive directory nor in the faulty directory,

it stays in the inbound directory because of which file channel keep picking the same file again.

How do we archive erroneous/invalid file that failed in the module processing?

P.S : I am using SAP PO 7.5