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Oct 14, 2020 at 05:41 AM



Currently our system works as below:

1. User A Create PO
2. PO goes for Release
3. After Release if the user A changes anything in PO and save, Then system will ask again Release
4. Releasing authority will again release then user can process further

But we want to be configured as below example

We have 2 Users (User A & User B)

User A : The Purpose of User A is to Create Purchase Order

User B : The Purpose of User B is to Release the Purchase Order he is the Releasing Authority and his job is only to release. So as per our requirement

1. User A will Create PO

2. PO goes for Release

3. When User B will Release and after that User A should not be able to change /Edit anything in PO, and if User A does have a requirement to change anything in PO (Eg:Price or quantity.. etc) then he would request User B to Cancel/ Revoke the Release to make any amendments in the PO.

4. After User B Cancel/Revoke the release User A can Change anything in PO and save the changes then again the PO will go for release.

5. User B will have to again release to process the PO further.

Thanks & Regards