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Oct 12, 2020 at 12:35 PM

List based app to Add BOPF entries

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I am trying to create a simple BOPF based FPM application which updates entries in List in BOPF object.

I have added a bootstrap(for root node) and a list to add the entries in the sub-node.

Feeder class for list is - /bofu/cl_fbi_guibb_list_ats

Controller is - Controller - /BOFU/WDC_FBI_CONTROLLER

I have done the wiring from Boot to List node also.

I have added a button which calls FBI_CREATE event to add rows in node.

I am running the app my adding CHANGE_MODE=C in the URL which allows to create new entry.

1. In Edit mode - only the node with a input text field gets enabled for input, the List gets added with a new row but it remains disabled for input.
2. If i update data in new row from backend by adding rows in ct_data in get_data using code - it shows on the screen as in fig. But on saving node gets created with blank field values.

For this inherited /bofu/cl_fbi_guibb_list_ats in Z class and changed get_data method.


1. Does List component does not allow Adds or Updates and only List of data ?

2. Why the data is getting wiped out and not going into BOPF on save ?


edit-bopf-list.png (26.2 kB)