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Data Inaccuracy in Price Change Process - ZPRC and ZSPP Transactions

Feb 16, 2017 at 09:59 AM


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We are facing a couple of issues with the transaction for price change – ZPRC and another transaction – ZSPP to report the price change markups.

Summarized below are the issues :

  • 1.The ‘Old PP’ and ‘New PP’ Columns – which are supposed to display values for the Old Cost and New Cost are not getting populated with the correct values.
  • Instead both columns are showing us only the current cost. We want the two columns to show us the last cost and the current cost for each article entry.
  • Capture1.PNG
  • 2.After performing the price change through ZPRC, we are running the transaction ZSPP to check the mark ups and send the same information to management.
  • We have noticed that the markup column is being populated randomly i.e. not all rows or all article entries have markup value. You can see the screenshot below for the same.
  • Capture1.PNG
  • 3.The purchase price for the alternate units of an article are not being calculated correctly. Case in point, article 1010001 has cost : 330 SR for it’s ordering unit of measure C06.
  • The cost for PC unit for the same article should be : 330/6 = 55 SR. Instead the ZPRC report has value 55.11. Screenshot of this is attached below :
  • Capture1.PNG

Anticipating your quickest cooperation in getting these issues resolved.

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These are custom transactions in your system that don't exist anywhere else, so what assistance could be expected from SCN? Ask your local SAP support team, they'll know.

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Former Member Feb 19, 2017 at 05:32 AM

Thanks for your response jelena i need to check with my team

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