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Oct 09, 2020 at 12:50 PM

How to use Application based permission type in OAuth authentication in SAP ABAP?



We have ABAP application to get the data from the exchange online server(Microsoft EWS) and for this, We have used the EWS web-service and Basic authentication(RFC). But we want to change authentication type from RFC to OAuth 2.0.

I have already implemented OAuth 2.0 in SAP ABAP and it is user/Delegation based. The problem with this permission type is, Every user has to login individually and request for the access token and also some of the feature is not working. So the alternative is to use the Application based permission type. Is it feasible in SAP ABAP?.

Application based means, their will be one token(it will be requested by the administrator) and this token will be used by all the user for authentication.

is SAML 2.0 bearer assertion an alternative ?

Your suggestion would be very helpful. Please assist me.

Best Regards,

Sanjay Naik.