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Oct 12, 2020 at 07:02 AM

How to loop Microsoft Excel Entries in SAP Intelligent RPA



I want to insert multiple entries one by one in below SAP Fiori App Post General Journal Entries through SAP Intelligent RPA reading data from Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.

I am able to post one record here in above SAP Fiori App. I want to post multiple records one by one.

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet format is like below

In work flow to insert data into input fields I am using set activity and inserting data like below screenshot.

Please let me know how to insert multiple records with above Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet format.



sap-fiori-app.png (124.0 kB)
untitled.png (68.0 kB)
set.png (163.8 kB)
set.png (163.8 kB)