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Oct 09, 2020 at 06:20 AM

Getting error when navigating to Tabs Page from a Section page-Action Bar Item- OnPress event

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I am not able to make out the reason for the error I get when I simply try to navigate to this Tabs page, in my MDK app. I get below error:

Error: Invalid call to ContainerDefinition._loadControls - invalid control type Control.Type.Tabs

Below are the codes for the navigation action and the Tabs page:


{ "PageToOpen": "/ZME_CREATENOTIFICATION/Pages/", "_Type": "Action.Type.Navigation" }

Tabs page:

{ "Caption": "CreateNotificationsOptions", "Controls": [ { "Items": [ { "Caption": "User Settings", "_Name": "UserSettingsTab", "_Type": "Control.Type.TabItem" }, { "Caption": "Manual Entry", "_Name": "ManualTab", "_Type": "Control.Type.TabItem" } ], "Position": "Top", "_Name": "Create Notification Options", "_Type": "Control.Type.Tabs" } ], "_Name": "CreateNotificationsOptions", "_Type": "Page" }

I have not yet included any logic for tabs included in the Tabs page like PageToOpen and OnPress for the item0{}..

Please help