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Oct 12, 2020 at 05:18 PM

Activation of PPDS Block planning in S/4 Hana



I am having problem activating the block planning feature in PPDS S/4 Hana. Likewise in APO, block planning requires an initial setting that consists in :

1- Set organizational area in SPRO (O1CL) for relevant class type 400. This is done by SAP objects like mara, etc. Question is : Which object is involved in Block Planning. I read /SAPAPO/MATKEY. Why maintainin this ? See below point 3-. Not so sure of details here

2- Setting a Class (CL02) of type 400, with at least one organisational area as defined in step 1. Note the characteristic of this class must also be defined with organizational area. Creation looks OK

3- Transfer CIF to PPDS using cif model (CFM1, CFM2) of class and characteristic which are selected by this weird organizational area. Transfer is OK

4- Then here I should be able to start maintaining the blocks in resource master by selecting the model dependent master and attaching the class maintained in step 2. Although I can see my class with search help, when I select it, I receive an error message with no explanation "Invalid Class". Debug did not help me

There are many other steps but I am currently blocked in step 4