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Oct 08, 2020 at 01:13 PM

Business Application Studio - Adaption Project - Deployment to OnPremise


Dear community,

I've created a simple adaption project in Business Application Studio and tried to deploy this to an On-Premise System with the "adaption project deployment generator". After entering all the necessary information, I receive the error 400 with no more information about it.

Afterwards I've checked the log in the SCC to check if the OnPremise system was mapped correctly. There I found, that the connection to the system was correctly openend, all authorization checks have been passed successfully and the process for sending the data has started. No eror found in the SCC log.

But the OnPrem system had not received any of the changes I've made in the adaption project.

Does anyone have had a simliar problem and has any suggestion how to solve this issue? May I've missed something to configure?

Thanks in advance.