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Oct 07, 2020 at 07:45 PM

Need Success and Error rows while importing data using hot folder


Hi ,

I have an requirement in my project to implement a hot folder in below 2 cases -

Note : For example we are importing 10 rows of any type like Price Row, Discount Row , Product etc bya hot folder.

Case 1. If all 10 rows importing successfully in database then file will moved in complete directory of hotfolder as per OOTB implementation So no need to change any thing in this case.

Case2. If 8 rows out of 10 are imported in database successfully and rest 2 rows failed to load due to some error then

2 below files should be generated -

1. Complete_realfile name with 8 success rows result and should move in complete directory of hot folder.

2. Error_realfile name with 2 failed rows result and should move in error directory of hot folder.

Note : Data rows counting may be more the thousand So no data truncate should be their in file.

For Error case I am able to create file and moved in error directory of hot folder as after importing I am getting one filed as unresolve lines in "ImportResult" with all failed data OOTB but not getting any data of success rows

So looking for a better solution with minimum customization in OOTB codebase.

Thanks in advance.