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Dynamic Filter like webpages in Design Studio

Dear Gurus,

I am trying to build a filter like we have in web pages in Design Studio using SAP UI5 control but not sure how to use this in Design Studio. For example, if you see the screenshot, this is being built using HTML and CSS for a website. I have gone through the Design Studio

SDK developer's guide

In chapter-6 of this guide, it has mentioned that we can use SAP UI5 controls in Design studio as extensions. So would that mean that can i use the filter like I have in the attached screenshot.



filter.png (568.3 kB)
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  • Hi Mustafa,

    I want to replicate the design of the filters as well as the slider both shown in the screenshot. Since I am a newbie in the field of SDK so I am just trying to figure out what should be the best possible way to integrate these kind of functionalities in Design Studio.

    I am aware of how to use standard SDK extensions in Design Studio but this kind of filters/sliders are comparatively new to me and that is where I need your suggestions on the feasibility of these kind of filters/sliders in Design Studio.

    Hope I am clear this time :)



  • Sumit,

    If we look at the web site example, the filter includes dropdown lists, which are available as standard in Design Studio and the special filter with a slider which is the one that would require SDK coding. Developing the latter as an SDK component would not be a trivial task if you do not have any prior JavaScript/HTML/CSS coding experience. Furthermore, there is no single UI5 control that you could simply wrap as an SDK component to replicate the slider filter. You would need to create a Composite Control combining a slider and an input field. Again, this is not a trivial task if you don't have any UI5 coding experience.

    So while it would certainly be technically possible to build a slider filter as per the example, from a practical perspective I think you would need to engage an experienced SDK/UI5 developer for the implementation to be "feasible".



  • Thanks a mil Mustafa.

    I am managing the team here so I would like to assess the feasibility of this solution through this forum. Let me reach out to me team members who are experts on building this kind of solution.

    Many Thanks


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