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Oct 06, 2020 at 02:16 PM

Dynamic global filter in SAP fiori elements overview page


Hello Experts,

I have two requirements in my overview page application which shows data in cards.

1) How do I make my screen dynamic. I have a dropdown for a date that has values like Last month, Last fiscal year, current month, etc. There is also a value custom date and when the user selects it two selections fields should be visible "Period from" and "period to"

2) How to I throw a global filter validation message. I have two fields in the selection, employee no and employee department. The user should enter either of these values in order to fetch data in cards. If none of these values is provided then I should get a message saying "either employee or department has to be provided".

I guess these are not possible without extension. Please let me know how these two can be done with or without extension.

Thanks in advance.