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Oct 06, 2020 at 04:27 PM

Concern on time of execution Prior to controller total time of execution.


We have used the OOTB REST-based services exposed over https. This is based on OAuth-2 authentication. What we have observed is , when we do a Rest API call that time we found that request prior to coming to controller there are some activities going on which takes around 2~3 secs of time. which adds soem extra time to overall overall execution time . Say if controller execution time is x secs then overall execution time of API is x+2/3 secs. We got the controller execution time through logger, while total execution time we got from access log. from access log we can see time as below - - [30/Sep/2020:11:37:46 +0000] “POST /abcwebservices/v2/abc/catalogs/myCatalog/Online/product?part=XYZ&locale=en≤vel=CUSTOMER HTTP/1.1” 200 340793 [2430] here the time show 2430 millisecs as total execution time , where only the controller execution time is 430 millisecs. So we want to know why the time of execution prior to controller actual logic execution time is taking so much. from DB query log that we enabled , from there we can see some DB query on cmssite,stores4site,basestore,catalogs4basestores,catalogs4site,catalogversions,oauthaccesstoken,languages,basestore2languagerel,cmssitelp,basestore2currencyrel,metainformations,SYSTEMINIT,composedtypes,searchrestrictions etc...

So can someone suggest why prior to actual execution of controller logic is taking 2/3 secs of time.