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Bug (?): "Notification-Counter" vanishes, but there are still unread ones!

Feb 16, 2017 at 09:06 AM


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Not sure if that's a bug or a feature, but I'll share it with you:

I still have some unread notifications, however, the counter at my avatar vanished.

I would have expected it to show me thenumber of unread notificationsI have.

It could be feature, to only display "new" notifications (since my last visit to the notifications-area); when I started today, I had the counter on 5, then I visited my Notifications. I read some of them, but not all.



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Steffi Warnecke Feb 16, 2017 at 09:14 AM

Hello Joachim

it's indeed not a bug, but a feature. The change is on purpose to show only the new notifications in the header and when you enter your notifications, that number is wiped until you have new notifications.

The plan is to add a number in the notification stream itself to show you the unread messages.

You can read up on a explanation by Sajid here: Follow the yellow brick road...




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Oh, ok, thanks a lot for the link and the explanation, Steffi!

I thought if things change on the platform, we get an announcement via a blog - I would have caught that easily via RSS.

I didn't know the question (and I do admit I have NOT searched before posting this time…. )

Anyway, I'll accept this one and read up on the link you provided!




To my mind (and not only to my) it's a not requested feature :)


Agree. I'm curious what exactly prompted it. We are asked to post on idea place, then we post and vote but instead something completely different is being worked on. That does not seem fair.


Maybe it will be included in the next "Highlights" blog. But yeah, a lot of confusion about this change that kind of came out of left field.