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Oct 07, 2020 at 07:42 AM

SQL Server Extended Properties in PowerDesigner model


I have a SQL Server database I am reverse engineering to a physical model. Several of the tables in my database have extended properties for various details about the table. For example, "Source Table" & "SSIS Package". My extended properties are not showing up anywhere in my generated physical model. Looking at the DBMS Properties for SQL Server I can see references to extended_properties but it is assuming the name of the extended property to be "MS_Description". My extended properties will always have names other than "MS_Description". Is it possible to customize PowerDesigner such that I could add a new tab under Table properties to maintain extended properties? Ideally, using name/value pairs from this custom tab, PowerDesigner would include the appropriate sp_addextendedproperty statements as part of the table create/alter statement.