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SAP Fiori OVP System requirements

Feb 16, 2017 at 09:15 AM


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Hi experts,

I´m trying to create a pretty simple OVP list card but it shows no data. It recognizes the amount of entries but the entries in the list are blank. I`m working on a local WebIDE so I deployed the OVP to the system to check if it is an WebIDE issues but same result on the systems Launchpad. We are on SAP UI version 1.38.16. Components:

Not sure if this is enough for OVPs.

Annnotation file: (webapp/annotations/annotation1.xml)

<edmx:Edmx xmlns:edmx="" Version="4.0">
	<edmx:Reference Uri="">
		<edmx:Include Alias="Aggregation" Namespace="Org.OData.Aggregation.V1"/>
	<edmx:Reference Uri="">
		<edmx:Include Alias="Capabilities" Namespace="Org.OData.Capabilities.V1"/>
	<edmx:Reference Uri="">
		<edmx:Include Alias="Common" Namespace=""/>
	<edmx:Reference Uri="">
		<edmx:Include Alias="vCard" Namespace=""/>
	<edmx:Reference Uri="">
		<edmx:Include Alias="Core" Namespace="Org.OData.Core.V1"/>
	<edmx:Reference Uri="">
		<edmx:Include Alias="CQP" Namespace="Org.OData.Measures.V1"/>
	<edmx:Reference Uri="">
		<edmx:Include Alias="UI" Namespace=""/>
		<Schema xmlns="">
			<Annotations Target="SRM_SOCO.UOM">
				<Annotation Term="UI.LineItem">
						<Record Type="UI.DataField">
							<PropertyValue Property="Label" String="{@i18n>@EINHEIT}"/>
							<PropertyValue Property="Value" Path="UnitText"/>


	"dataSources": {
			"SRM_SOCO": {
				"uri": "/sap/opu/odata/sap/SRM_SOCO/",
				"type": "OData",
				"settings": {
					"localUri": "localService/SRM_SOCO/metadata.xml",
					"annotations": [
			"annotationList": {
				"uri": "annotations/annotationList.xml",
				"type": "ODataAnnotation",
				"settings": {
					"localUri": "annotations/annotationList.xml"


	"sap.ovp": {
		"globalFilterModel": "SRM_SOCO",
		"globalFilterEntityType": "",
		"cards": {
			"Audi_Test2_card00": {
				"model": "SRM_SOCO",
				"template": "",
				"settings": {
					"title": "{{Audi_Test2_card00_title}}",
					"subTitle": "{{Audi_Test2_card00_subTitle}}",
					"entitySet": "UOMCollection",
					"listType": "condensed",
					"listFlavor": "standard",
					"sortBy": "UnitText",
					"sortOrder": "ascending",
					"addODataSelect": "false",
					"annotationPath": ""

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks and regards,


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1 Answer

rajeesh o Jul 13, 2017 at 01:49 PM

Hi Ozlem ,

What is your entityset name?.If it is 'UOMCollection' In your annotations target change from

<Annotations Target="SRM_SOCO.UOM">

<Annotations Target="SRM_SOCO.UOMCollection">
Check what is in your Entity type in metadata.xml If its is not SRM_SOCO.UOMCollection change it accordingly.

for sample using northwind visit my blog techippoOverviewApplication sample 
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