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Oct 05, 2020 at 07:14 AM

Error in SAP Android SDK when generating app with wizard using SAP API Business Hub option


Hi All,

I am trying create app with SAP Android SDK wizard functionality using some sample API(Planned Order) available in SAP API Business Hub. I have followed steps explained in below blog to use SAP API Business hub functionality :

As shown in attached screen shot, I am selecting “API Business Hub” option while generating the app via wizard. I am getting Error “Failed to parse metadata: invalid xml character escape”. It looks like error due to API’s metadata xml schema available is SAP API Hub. I have compare few APIs metadata schema available in SAP API Hub with sample odata service ESPM, APIs hub metadata comes with additional tags (shown in attached screen shot) which causing this error.

Appreciate if you can help me to solve this issue please.api-hub-metadata.pngwizard-screen-shot.png

Regards, Jenny