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Oct 05, 2020 at 02:04 PM

Palletization data WM2 - migration to EWM



my customer is migrating its WM warehouse to EWM and we're having some difficulties with implementing of former WM functionalities in EWM.

Today they are using allowed SU types in material master with the corresponding quantities (MLGN-LHMG1, MLGN-LHMG2... with MLGN-LETY1, MLGN-LETY2 ...). to tell the system, what SU type should be automatically determined in the GR process if the quantity is equal or lower than the full pallet.

First thing we have considered for this were packaging specifications in EWM. If there's only one quantity / SU-type defined in WM2 view today, it's quite easy - packaging specification with one level in EWM solves the problem.

But if I need to specify more quantities with corresponding HU-types for one product, I can't simply build it up with the multi-level packaging specification, because in packaging specification the levels always describe the hierarchy of packaging (one level packed in another level).

What we need however are packaging variants where the levels are independent from each other:

Qty1 => HU-type E1

Qty2 => HU-type E2

Qty3 => HU-type E3

Creation of several packaging specification (one for each quantity/HU-type combination) is indeed also not an option, because the condition records for determination need to be unique.

I have even debugged the total quantity calculation logic in packaging specification to see if there's some condition under which the total quantity is not related to the quantity in the level above, but indeed it's always related to the level above.

Do you have any idea how the palletization data from WM can be build up in packaging specification EWM?