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Oct 05, 2020 at 09:48 AM

How to include a variable length component on a BoM


Hi Insightful Experts,

Hope you can answer this.

I have some very complex BoMs which contain BoMs and some of the child BoMs contain one or more variable lengths of cable which affects the price per meter of the cable.
Product 1 contains;
Product A X 1 (BoM) - no variation
Product B X 1 (BoM) - no variation
Product C X 3 (BoM) - no variation
Product D X 3 (BoM) - no variation
Product E X 3 (BoM) - cable length variation
Product F X 15 (BoM) - cable length variation
Product G X 3 (BoM) - cable length variation

1st question, is there an add on or a module that can allow a production order to input the length of cable(s) required per build?
So for products E, F & G I can raise a production order only for these particular BoMs and enter the lengths required instead of, currently, having a separate BoM for each length variable (ProdE.005 for 5 meters, ProdE.010 for 10 meters etc.)

Caveat, the length of cable required will determine which type of cable is used and therefore the price per meter.
I.E. 5-50m = Type S (£3 per meter)
50-100m = Type M (£5 per meter)
100-150m - Type L (£10 per meter)

Note, there can be cross overs. As 3 separate cable length are required for one Product E, we will use the same cable type if possible.
80, 100 & 120 M are needed. We would supply Type L for all three.
10, 60 & 70M are needed. We would supply One type S and two Type M.

2nd Question, how can I set the Item master data / BoM for these variables?
Currently we are taking orders manually and entering the orders as a single order for Product 1.
This causes issues as the Products A - D can be ordered individually, and therefore it throws our stock levels.

3rd question Is it understandable what I have asked?
I have simplified this process as best possible while maintaining the basic requirement.

Any advice on steps to take to set it up or if more info is needed, let me know and I will elaborate on any part.