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Oct 02, 2020 at 04:27 PM

Decentralised WM With Non SAP 3PL


Hi All,

I have searched the forums / knowledge base but up to now my queries remain.

We have an upcoming S/4HANA deployment where distribution and warehousing will be managed via a 3PL. The 3PL will be using their own warehouse management software.

So the question is how best to interface?

I'm interested in using decentralised WM, as I like the security of having the linked slocs completely locked down - ie goods movements can only happen via an inbound or outbound delivery that is automatically created and 'sent' to the 3PL. But what are the pros & cons of doing it this way? I've heard that the technical complexity outweighs any benefits?

Obviously there is no BAPI at the receiving WM system, so what would actually be sent? Does the SAP system create idoc messages via the BAPI and send them....and then these are mapped into the 3PL WMS?

In the past I've seen idoc messages sent to 3PLs via output determination in the outbound delivery. This is ok, but it seems like a really 'loose' way of doing things. I mean, whats stopping someone cancelling an outbound delivery that the 3PL are half way through picking. And whats stopping someone adjusting the IM stock in SAP and therefore creating an inconsistency?

Any hints or tips in this area greatly appreciated.