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Oct 05, 2020 at 11:18 AM

CTS+ for SAP PO system. SolMan 7.2 as domain. Configuration issue



I am trying to setup CTS+ for a non-ABAP system. In my scenario, I have dual-stack Solution Manager 7.2 as a transport domain controller and SAP PO 7.5 on Java AS as a non-ABAP system.


In my SAP PO ESR (Dev) I am export design object via CTS (transport request was automatically created - PODKXXXX) But when I am trying to open Tools - Open CTS Transport Organizer Error: The filename, directory, or volume label syntax is incorrect (screen)

Transport request details.

Transport-Request ID: com.tms... Looks like a hyper-link After clicking on it - the same error

The same situation in SAP PO ESR (QAS)


Step 1. For SAP PO (Dev,QAS) SAP NetWeaver Administrator -> Configuration ->Infrastructure-> Java System Properties

Tab - Services Filter - *XPI*

Select service XPI Service. All Config Service and check properties: = true = true = true = true


Step 2. SAP NetWeaver Administrator -> Configuration -> Destinations

Connection and Transport:

RFC Destination -

Target Host - Solution Manager host System - Solution Manager

ABAP instance System ID - Solution Manager <SID>

Gateway Host - Solution Manager host Gateway service - sapgwNN, where NN instance

Logon Data:

Credentials from CTSSRVUSER (temporarily SAP_ALL)

Output: Ping Destination -> Successfully connected to <SID> as user CTSSRVUSER


Step 3. Settings in Solution Manager Transaction - STMS (Transport Managment System) Non-ABAP Systems where: TRANSDIR – Directory on Solution Manager host, /usr/sap/trans/PO COMMUNICATION_SYSTEM – Solution Manager <SID> NON_ABAP_WBO_CLIENT – * (All Solution Manager clients allowed) DEPLOY_DATA_SHARE – Directory on Solution Manager host /usr/sap/trans/data


I also check a lot of notes/manuals:

1540191 - Application types: Handling and reservation mechanisms

1003674 - Enhancement for non-ABAP systems in CTS

1540191 - Application types: Handling and reservation mechanisms

Transporting Non-ABAP Objects in Change and Transport System

Configuration Guide for CTS+

How To... Implement CTS+ for Your Application

Enhanced Change and Transport System

Transporting Objects from SAP NetWeaver XI by Using CTS Security for the Enhanced Change and Transport System (CTS+)

But don't find an answer to my question. Any ideas? Thank you!


esr-error.png (31.1 kB)
sap-pi.png (94.5 kB)
non-abap.png (118.2 kB)