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Oct 05, 2020 at 07:23 AM

New to Sap CF , Learning advice


Hello sap community,

I been using NEO env. to develop some ui5 apps using sapui5 for the frontend and hana xsjs services as backend, but i found the transition to the CF very confusing.

I was wondering if there is a path or recomendation for undertanding all the new things in CF, just for example what is the use of the html5 module? or what it he use of the approuter? why at create a new application for ui5, a mta project is created? or why deployment is so confusing?

I think it is a super pretty basic questions but searching for these concepts, is very difficult as all blogs assume the reader does have a solid background.

does all these concepts have a different source of learning? does all these come from another path that it is not sap?

Thanks in advance