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Oct 01, 2020 at 03:37 PM

SAP 760 GUI random font changes and application lock

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There are several issues had with our attempt to deploy the GUI on Server 2016. However, this one is priority. When this happens it freezes the customer session. I'm wondering if there is a debug option for 760 install to enable verbose logging? A registry key? A binary file EXE switch?

I will attempt to describe the scenario based on customer feedback and have attached the relative screen shots. I have access to the forums and KB's and have not been able to find anything related or best practices relative to the installation.

There are differing symptoms where on the left hand side of the GUI the fonts randomly change and then the GUI pull downs or hierarchy (expand) stop populating or just don't populate and then lock and then you have that erroneous and out of nowhere large font character.

I have access to the portal. Going through installation guides but this is without being familiar (as of yet) with the application and the vendor unwilling to give feedback because we have labeled as development. Yet, this problem and the others are preventing this from ever becoming production. This is where I take issue with SAP Support. According to SAP Support - we must move this to production in order to get support after the fact. Rather than do what is necessary in the beginning to deliver an optimized and stable platform. It is the mitigation of risk, failures, fire drills and poor customer experience. I'm listing the font as 1st primary because it is preventing this from sign off and we are unable to get SAP to chime in or provide feedback. Any feedback is welcomed.

Exhibit A, B, C, E and F. When this happens it prevents the use of the application. Citrix PVS images are read-only streamed direct to memory (no physical disk). No obvious performance issues. There are other issues but this one is a showstopper and have not been able to find anything. Every screen shot is SAP 760 GUI running as a published application on a dedicated Silo.