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Oct 01, 2020 at 04:57 AM

Load Balancer to Tomcat configuration


Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing good.Can someone please help me with these questions?

1.Do we provide the tomcat url/ip in the load balancer configuration for the load balancer to route the traffic to multiple tomcats?

2.If we have Tomcat(T1) and CMS(C1) on node/server A and Tomcat(T2) and CMS(C2) on node/server B in the Business Objects cluster which has 2 nodes A & B, does T1 communicate with only C1 or both C1&C2, meaning does Tomcat(T1) communicate with only the CMS on the same node or all CMS servers in the cluster and likewise for T2?

( do all the Tomcats communicate with all the CMS servers in the cluster?)

Thanks and any help is appreciated,