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Sep 30, 2020 at 02:46 PM

Can i make the SAP Gui generate end tags automatically?


Hi, i want to let the SAP Gui generate end tags like endif, endloop, endmethod, endclass automatically when i create the starting tag. I googled and found out about templates in the SAP Gui. Some are already implemented like the loop and the if template. Others i would like to create myself. But i can't find the template settings. I am using SAP Gui 7600. Are those options still available in my version of the SAP Gui? And where can i find them?

Also i would like to know if i can customize the syntax highlighting. Right now every keyword is highlighted in the same blue. This makes the Code very hard to read. Is it possible to assign different colors to different key words? Or are there settings where i can choose between different styles of syntax highlighting?

I hope you can help me, as those are little changes but they make the live of a developer much easier.