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Sep 29, 2020 at 04:55 PM

SAP IBP Response Confirmation Run NOT Considering Forecast Consumption


Hi Experts

When I execute the confirmation run, it's not taking into account the forecast consumption from sales orders, so it duplicates the demand resulting in excess inventory


1. PA copied from SAP7

2. Integration with ECC

3. Consumption profile created at planning level PERPRODLOC by DAY

4. Consumption Profile, Allocation Profile and SoS Profile assigned to all product locations from ECC and integrated, it can be seen on the View Product Locations App

5. On the settings for order-based planning app, the KFs unconstrained forecast and constrained forecast have been assigned to the forecast section, multiple forecast KF is turned off

Scenario Steps:

1. On any given day, I have a sales order for 100 pc and forecast unconstrained for 150 pc

2. Because of forecast consumption the Forecast Open KF is 50 pc and the Total Demand KF is 150 pc

3. I execute the Constrained Forecast Run and it plans 150 pc for the unconstrained forecast quantity to be delivered and produced

4. I copy the Constrained Forecast KF of 150 pc to the Allocation KF

5. I execute the Confirmation Run and the system confirms the sales order for 100 pc and consumes that from the allocation, so now 50 pc are available, this should be enough to cover the open forecast quantity of 50 pc

6. Instead, it plans an additional 100 pc to be produced and delivered to cover the unconstrained forecast quantity of 150 pc leaving 100 pc in projected stock


The confirmation run is not considering the consumption of the forecast and using the open forecast quantity of 50 pc as the new requirement for forecast, therefore it duplicates demand

Any thoughts or comments on what am I missing?