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Oct 01, 2020 at 03:48 PM

Handling SOAP Receiver Exception when Third party web service is down in SAP PO


Hello Experts,

Need help with the following scenario.

We have ECC to PO to Third Party Synchronous scenario (SOAP to SOAP).

The interface works well with success cases, and response is sent back to the sender ECC system and records are updated as success.

Now in some cases, especially when the receiver party is down (500 internal error), the message gets failed in SAP PO and no response is sent back to SAP ECC. In such cases, we have the requirement to handle such exception and send back some appropriate response back to SAP ECC so that the response can be recorded in the system.

Can any one help with some simple steps to handle above case? Have thought of using Fault message type but I'm not sure if that would work in this case. Also tried to make a demo interface to test the same but maybe I didn't follow the right steps to implement the SOAP fault scenario. If this is the solution, do we have any latest demo/blogs present anywhere on web so that I can follow the right steps to implement the scenario? I came across few blogs and SAP help page but not getting exact step by step process to implement the same.

Your help would be much appreciated..

Thanks in advance.