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Oct 01, 2020 at 01:35 PM

Display warning message or information message in Fiori Element list report application


How can I display a warning message in Fiori Element based list report application?

I have created OData service using SEGW CDS reference model and tried the below code in DPC EXT class

but it doesn't work. is there any way to do this from backend without doing Fiori Element extension? If I raise exception then the list is not getting displayed.

 IF lv_authcheck IS NOT INITIAL OR et_entityset[] IS INITIAL.
 DATA(lo_msg_container) = me->mo_context->get_message_container( ).
 iv_msg_type = /iwbep/cl_cos_logger=>warning
 iv_msg_text = 'List incomplete due to missing authorization'
 iv_add_to_response_header = abap_true