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Sep 30, 2020 at 01:05 AM

Transport CO PA Planning from one environment to another after adding a new characteristic


Hello Experts,

Need your guidance with transporting planning levels and planning layout from one environment to another.

I have added a new characteristic to existing budget planning. To incorporate this change, I also modified and added this new characteristic to planning layout used for the budgeting and in turn to the planning level.

I want to transport this from Dev to QA and then to Prod environment. I need your help and guidance to get this right please.

Can you’ll please guide me the best way to transport planning layout and planning levels?

Below are the steps I have drafted too Transport Planning Levels and Planning Layout and Budget Upload Layout

Step 1: KE16 - Select the planning layout - Transport

Step 2: KEPM - Select the Planning Level - Transport

What about Planning Methods for that planning level which is being transported? Do I need to transport that too? Or will it auto capture the new characteristic added to Planning level in QA environment?

Do I also need to transport planner profiles? I would really appreciate your help and guidance.

Thank you.

Regards, Rohan