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Sep 29, 2020 at 12:46 PM

Getting authorization issue in SAC while running BPC queries via BPC live connection from SAC


We are having couple of queries on top of SAP BPC DSO in embedded BPC.

We are able to execute the query successfully in on premise BW system .We are trying to execute the same from SAC via BPC live connection with customized security role. We are getting the authorization issue .

It is executing successfully with 0BI_ALL/SAP_ALL which we can not give to the end user.

Error is shown as below.

The table failed to initialize: Server Error: Error [Server]: Fatal Runtime Exception occured; MsgClass: ;; OlapMsgClass: 0; Error [Server]: (#800) You do not have the authorization for component ZXX_ZZXXXXX_Q001; MsgClass: BRAIN;; OlapMsgClass: 0; Warning [Server]: (#1) EYE(001): You do not have sufficient authorization for the InfoProvider ZZXXXXX; MsgClass: ;; OlapMsgClass: 0;

Kindly share your thoughts on to resolve this issue.