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Sep 30, 2020 at 07:07 AM

CMD_EI_API - Customer master data is not saving to the database using the class


Hi ,

I got a requirement to upload customer master data from excel to SAP. For this I created a report using class i.e. CMD_EI_API method is MAINTAIN_BAPI. The report is working fine and the data also processed successfully through the class without any issues. But when I try to open created customer in table(kna1) or in XD03 level data is not displaying. But strangely when given customer number in the input field of XD02/XD03 tcode it is showing in F4 help values but it's not displaying after selecting it.

I already used COMMIT_WORK and also BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT . But no luck.

Can anyone please suggest me what could be the issue and resolution ?